Terms Start With C

Important terms starting with C that can be useful for making money in stock market, Forex or any financial market it pays to know them.

Churning: Hesitation in a trend, usually leading to a reaction. Volume is normally relatively high (after an advance), with limited price progress.

Climax: (Climatic lowpoint or climatic highpoint). A sudden end to a trend, accompanied by high volatility and high relative volume.

Concession or Spread: Price differential between trades when blocks of stock are involved.

Confirmation: Two or more trends or momentum measures extending their trends to new highs (or lows) at the same time. The implication is confidence that the trend will continue. Often said of the Dow Jones Industrial Average versus the Dow Jones Transportation Average.

Consolidation: A pause in trend with the expectation the trend will be resumed in the same direction. Usually considerably shorter in time than Stabilization.

Continuation Pattern: Consolidation phase that temporarily interrupts an up or down move and sets the stage for another move in the same direction later on, usually of short duration.

Correction: A movement in the opposite direction of a trend that will not break or reverse that trend. Usually longer in time than a reflex rally or reflex reaction.